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Pediatric Compounding

Children Can Benefit from Compounding Pharmacy

Getting your child to take his or her medication is not always easy. Sometimes the child hates the taste of the medication, or forgets to take it, or has unpleasant side-effects with the drug in its current form. Our compounding pharmacists can help parents with all of these issues.

Flavor: Our compounding pharmacists can formulate pleasant or sweet tasting flavors that go down easy. Do not try this at home! Changing the flavor of a drug often requires a specific reformulation of the drug so as not to disturb its active properties. In addition, for some drugs we can create candy-like lozenges or drops.

Formulation: Many children often forget to take medications on their own, or do not want to be seen as “different” when they have to take a pill at lunchtime. Some medications can be reformulated to be slow-release, so your child gets exactly the dosage he or she needs throughout the day.

Dosage: We can create smaller doses that are exact and proportional to your child, so you don’t have to cut up pills.

Dosage Form: Gastro-intestinal issues can occur with some medication. In these cases, we can create a transdermal application that should mitigate these effects in your child.

For Infants: We offer Butt-Balm™ to effectively treat diaper rash. For infants with certain gastro-intestinal issues, we offer a Lansoprazole suspension that can help treat symptoms related to the flow of stomach acid. We also offer Ibuprofen rectal suppositories that are available to treat children with fever. Learn more about these products specially formulated for infants and babies.

Working with a compounding pharmacist can make giving medication to your child much easier, and give you the peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they need to get well or stay well.