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Medicine Doesn’t Have To Taste Bad

A new paradigm is emerging in the world of healthcare!

Do you have questions about pharmacy compounding? We have answers.

Children have special needs when it comes to taking medication. Compounding pharmacists can help make the medicine go down easier.

Pets are special to their owners, and customized care through a compounding pharmacist may be a consideration for your pet’s medical problems. Utilize this helpful Q & A from the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

CPBH compounds prescription medications to treat the causes of a variety of common hand ailments, several of which are discussed in this informative article.

Dr. Sanaz Majd shares “10 Things Every Diabetic Should Do”. CPBH’s caring and knowledgeable pharmacists can also work with your physician to prepare compounded medications for some of your diabetes complications.

The Drug Quality ad Security Act (DQSA) makes specialty drugs safer for patients by providing important provisions related to the oversight of compounded medications.

Get answers from the American Pharmacists Association to the most commonly asked questions about compounding pharmacy and pharmacists who specialize in this field.

Rising medicine costs as well as discontinued medicines have contributed to a nationwide drug shortage. Some veterinarians are turning to compounding pharmacies to get the medicines they need.

Joe Cabaleiro, executive director at the non-profit Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, spells out how recent drug shortages have put compounding pharmacies back into the public focus.

The FDA’s website educates patients and caregivers about the appropriate means to dispose of expired, damaged and unusable medications.