Compounding Expert

About Us

The Compounding Pharmacy has been serving the Beverly Hills/West Los Angeles community for more than 20 years. Our motto is “We Turn Problems into Solutions”. With over 100 years of combined pharmaceutical experience, and following the strictest safety and quality procedures in the industry, we work with your doctor to offer customized formulations of medications to address your unique medical needs. We specialize in offering doctors and their patients compounded medication solutions for pain management, natural hormone replacement therapy (for women and men), anti-aging and skin care, pediatrics, podiatry, and veterinary medicine, as well as a host of proprietary formulations ( Magic Mouthwash™, Butt Balm™, Love Cream™, Scream Cream™) and over-the-counter products.


We utilize Compounding Pharmacy Principles to:

Create customized

Combine active

Prepare unique


Produce drugs no longer commercially available

Given each patient’s unique medical challenges, we can fill your prescription in the appropriate delivery system, including capsules, oral suspensions, sub-lingual drops, nasal sprays, suppositories, troches/lozenges, and topical creams or gels. Our staff is happy to work with your doctors, answer any of your questions, and consult with you on the proper use of your compounded medications. For your convenience, we offer free local delivery and free delivery throughout California by US Postal Service (usually fulfilled on the same day as ordered).

Discover the compounding difference at The Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills for yourself. We invite you to schedule a tour of our pharmacy and speak with our pharmacists. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with your compounded prescriptions.